Usui Reiki Course

“Rei Ki” (ray-key) – Meaning Universal Life Energy Flow in Japanese.

Founded by Dr Mikao Usui in early 20th Century Japan, Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, the ‘whole’ person to clear negativity that is being held in the body and to restore balance.

Source Energy is channelled directly through the practitioner to the recipient for the recipient’s highest good. This Source or Universal energy is essentially the energy of Love, known through many religions and cultures under different names but Reiki itself does not need any specific belief structure in order to be channelled. Making it accessible and beneficial to everyone.

Learn to channel this powerful energy yourself with the following courses.

Usui Reiki One – Foundation Level

A wonderful introduction to the powerful healing energy of Usui Reiki.
This one day workshop covers the history of Usui Reiki, how to channel the energy, the basic 7 Chakras and how to apply a treatment.

In Reiki One, you will receive 4 attunements to enable your own energetic self-healing. At this foundation level, you will be able to provide Reiki for yourself, friends, family, children and animals and it is a prerequisite for going on to Reiki Two – Practitioner Level.

Group Workshop Certificate and Workbook provided

Certification: £150

Usui Reiki Two – Practitioner Level

Building on the Foundation Level of Reiki One, completion of Reiki Two provides an insurable certificate as a Reiki Practitioner.

On this one day workshop, you will receive 2 attunements, as well as the addition and explanation of the use of symbols to raise your healing ability. You will also be taught distance healing.

Group Workshop Certificate and Workbook provided

Certification: £180

Usui Reiki Three – Master Level

At Reiki Master Level, you will receive your Master attunement and 2 Master symbols. At this level, the teachings you receive are very powerful and will further increase the level of your healing ability.

Group Workshop Certificate and Workbook provided

Certification: £200

Usui Reiki – Master Teacher Level

At Master Teacher Level, you will be shown how to pass on your powerful knowledge and to attune others. There will be a recap of all previous levels and tutoring on how to put together your own workshops and workbooks.
This is a one to one opportunity to learn how to become a confident, effective Reiki Master Teacher and you will also be able to be my apprentice on a workshop.

One to One Workshop Certificate and Workbook provided

Certification: £200

Course Dates

Usui Reiki One 10am - 4pm

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