Reiki Treatment

“Rei Ki” (ray-key) – Meaning Universal Life Energy Flow in Japanese.

Reiki is an energy healing treatment. Source Energy is channelled directly through the crown chakra of the practitioner and sent through the palm chakras, in to the recipient. Reiki acts to the highest good of the recipient and aims to bring their energy up to their highest level.

Reiki works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, the ‘whole’ person and the energy flow works to clear any negativity that is being held in the body. The body’s own healing process is then supercharged.

The effects of treatment can vary from one individual to another but generally by the end of a treatment you will feel relaxed and balanced.

Reiki Treatment Prices

20 minute Treatment - £25
40 minute Treatment - £40

Potential Benefits Include

  • Creates deep relaxation
  • Super charges the body's own healing abilities
  • Dissolves energetic blocks
  • Can aid more restful sleep
  • Clears the mind and helps you to feel more focused and grounded